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Thursday, October 08, 2015
Texas Nursing Resource Center
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Welcome to the Texas Nursing Resource Center

The Texas Nursing Resource Center provides centralized, customer-focused nursing education services for schools of nursing and clinical agencies within the state of Texas with the goal to improve the quality of nursing education and nursing care in the state.  It includes a centralized clinical placement system, faculty resource center, and nursing information from across the nation, state and regionally.  Check out specific information on the regions across the state participating in the center.

CCPS - Centralized Clinical Placement System

The Centralized Clinical Placement System streamlines the nursing student clinical placements process with long-term effects of increasing student capacity at local schools and increase efficiencies with the process for participants.

CFRC - Centralized Faculty Resource Center

The Centralized Faculty Resource Center will improve the utilization of existing and new clinical faculty, thereby also increasing the student capacity at nursing schools. CFRC provides a forum for interested nurses to easily locate resources on becoming a nurse educator. You can create your profile and submit a response to posted vacant faculty positions.

Nursing Education Resources

Nursing Education Resources available nationally, state wide and regionally. Look for more on this soon.