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About Us


The Texas Nursing Resource Center (TNRC) is a result of the Regional Innovations in Nursing Education (RINE) project awarded to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Additional support and collaboration with the Houston-Galveston Area Council and funding awarded by the John S. Dunn Foundation have supported the development of the Texas Nursing Resource Center.

The intent of the TNRC is to provide a platform for the Centralized Clinical Placement Center (CCPS) throughout the state of Texas. 

Participation by other regions was solicited and to date one other region has joined the project – North Texas. 

System licenses for CCPS and the website are purchased from and IT support is provided by the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Similar nursing resource center (NRC) initiatives exist in eight other regions across the country.

About Us

The Nursing Resource Center is a suite of Internet-based services that helps maximize nursing education capacity by streamlining placements and exposing new opportunities for school-clinical facility relationships.

Contact Us

For more information on joining the Texas Nursing Resource Center, please contact:


Trish Richard, RN, PhD

North Texas

Sally Harper Williams
T: 469.648.5030

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