MH-Pre-Clinical Documents


Prior to the clinical assignment at Memorial Hermann hospitals, the following requirements must be completed and submitted.

Review the following PowerPoint and Orientation packet:

(To view PowerPoint, click link, open document, select slideshow, and select from beginning.)

HIPAA PHI, Password and Phishing PowerPoint

MHHS Student Orientation Packet 

Review and sign the following documents:

For educational experiences (clinical and non-clinical) within the Memorial Hermann System, the following additional HIPAA requirements must be met:


For students without Care4 / EMR access: The HIPAA modules 1-4 must be reviewed, quizzes 1-4 successfully completed; submit the Answer Sheet and HIPAA Modules 1-4 Attestation. 

Module 1 - HIPAA Release of Information Not Requiring Consent, Authorization or Opportunity for Objection.

Module 2 - HIPAA Release of Information to the Media and HIPAA/Complaints/Incident Reporting.

Module 3 - HIPAA Employee Corrective Action Process for Breach of Patient Confidentiality.

Module 4 - HIPAA Release of Patient Information to Law Enforcement.


HIPAA Module 1 Quiz

HIPAA Module 2 Quiz

HIPAA Module 3 Quiz

HIPAA Module 4 Quiz

Answer Sheet for HIPAA Modules 1-4 Quizzes

HIPAA Modules 1-4 Attestation


For students with Care4 / EMR access: The same HIPAA modules 1-4 (listed above) are in PiL with an additional 5th module which serves as the attestation. (HIPAA & Security Validation/Attestation) 

If a faculty member will be on the campus, having student oversight during the clinical rotation the same documents as the student's apply to the faculty and must be completed and submitted prior to the assignment.


Guide to the Intranet

Check List of Completion for Clinical Requirements

Memorial Hermann Orientation Process

How to Access PiL from outside the MH facilitywith a Care4 sign-in & password

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